Gas Turbine Air Filtration Optimisation

By: Dr. Marco Mucino


Lack of compression a production issue

Recently Whitecastle Engineering Ltd (WEL) was commissioned to undertake a study regarding an issue with the performance of an Ethylene Plant built in the 1980’s. The gas turbine driving a process gas compression train had been underperforming for some time and the production of the plant was being affected accordingly. WEL were asked to identify the problems and were possible provided recommendations for a solution.


Air filtration Problem Identified.

WEL reviewed all available data and undertook a survey of the site in order to best ascertain the size and extent of the issues. Upon analysis of the acquired data it was determined that the main issue over and above that of poor maintenance was the need to upgrade old, ineffective and expensive air filtration elements.

Instrumentation deficiencies

WEL identified the lack of instrumentation that had not highlighted key issues such as punctures in the air ducts that were allowing unfiltered air into the turbine as well as the blow back filter cleaning function being inoperative and insufficient even if in full service.


Recommendations and Solutions

WEL put forward practical recommendations in the selection of alternative schemes emphasising on the pros and cons of each option. WEL recommended upgrading the filter element to a HEPA E10 filters which provided the best cost/benefit ratio from the various options analysed.

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