What we do

Whitecastle Engineering Ltd (WEL) provides specialist consulting and engineering solutions to the oil&gas and petrochemical sectors. Our main focus is the optimisation and project delivery of complex thermo-mechanical production systems over the lifecycle of an asset: design, selection, specification, FEED, detailed engineering, troubleshooting, debottlenecking, rerating, risk assessments.

Our expertise is on high-value production systems – power plants, gas compression, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, water pumping, power generation Refinery, Petrochemical and associated chemical conversion plants – and their critical machinery – gas and steam turbines, gas compressors, pumps, wind, gas and diesel engines – renewable/environmental friendly power generation such as pumped storage generation.

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Our unique selling point

Our USP is the result of years of experience working in different roles across industries and continents, it brings together and balances industry knowledge, best practices, expertise, technological resources, people skills to deliver success everytime.

We listen to our clients to know where are the “pain points” and what are their objectives so we can together define the requirements of the work. Afterwards, we set to look for the most effective way to provide a sustainable and effective solution to our client’s business need.

Our reports are lean and focused on the recommendations and conclusions, without burdening the reader with superfluous data or text. Ultimately, our prime interest is more about delivering measurable and definitive results to our clients so their businesses can thrive. It’s all about the the advantages of the results that are financially beneficial.

Tailored solutions for our clients

Whitecastle develops unique solutions tailored to our client business needs and capabilities in order to deliver the right level of technical support and expert knowledge.

Specialist Solution – The task at hand is defined by our clients. Whitecastle provides specialist services to complement the existing capabilities and know-how within their organizations.
Collaborative Solution – Whitecastle provides a specialist engineering capability to our client that develops into a more integrated collaboration. We become part of their team and, in some cases, act as supporting technical authority to the project.
Turn-key Solution – Whitecastle provides an integrated solution to a particular business need. The client provides the project requirements and supervises the project, and we take care of the rest.

Our Values

We are a truly independent consultancy firm allowing us to work with all parties across the energy sector without compromising the integrity of our advice and the value of our results.

  • Passion for solving problems, providing practical solutions that align to our clients’ reality
  • Transparency in everything we do to gain trust and respect from clients and community
  • Integrity to present results and recommend actions without compromise
  • Unity to build a strong and successful team together with our clients
  • Respect to the people, organisations and communities everywhere we go
  • Commitment to professionalism, safety and quality standards at all times
  • Appreciation for small things in life that make the job meaningful.

Our Team

We have been there, have done that, and will do it again.
We are a group of highly experienced consultant engineers delivering high value engineering solutions to our clients in Europe, North America, Middle East and South America.

Our engineers have decades of experience working for renowned machinery OEMs (GE, Dresser-Rand, Siemens) and engineering niche consultancies in the Oil & Gas and Power industries.

We work with a wide range of associates with complementing expert skills that we call upon at short notice, thus, allowing Whitecastle to provide a complete solution to our clients’ needs.

People and Values

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What We Do

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