Oil And Gas

Recent developments in the Oil&Gas industry have put an enormous amount of pressure on asset owners and operators. The operational paradigm is gradually changing to include fuel and operational efficiency as a main business driver, whilst maintaining a strong Health & Safety culture.

Whitecastle Engineering specialises in delivering high-ROI management and engineering solutions to develop assets, increase production, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase production to the upstream Oil&Gas industry.

Our focus is on the optimisation of machinery-based production facilities i.e. gas compression systems, power generation units, water and oil pumping systems, with smart concept designs, revamping studies, energy audits, reliability and availability (RAM) analysis, spare management, control system optimisation, condition monitoring systems, among others.


The Petrochemical industry is enjoying a relatively calm period due to low oil and feedstock prices that helps to offset the drop in demand for its products due to the global economic slowdown in recent years. Nevertheless, the industry is undergoing a shift in operational and business philosophy to increase production efficiency and reduce its energy input, whilst trying to reduce its environmental footprint.

Whitecastle Engineering support our clients reducing operating risk, optimising operations, reducing maintenance costs, increasing reliability and improving sustainability.

Our specialists provide specialist services focusing on main capital rotating equipment and systems i.e. refrigeration compressors, power units, heat recovery boilers for heat and power, steam and gas turbines mechanical drivers. We also provide management services such as reliability and maintainability strategy, spare management, condition monitoring.


The Power industry is undergoing a generational change with renewable technology increasing their market share, whilst coal power plants are being forced to shutdown or compete in the tough peak market. On the other hand, gas technology plants are also under pressure from high gas market volatility, concerns with security of supply (in some parts of the world), tougher environmental regulation and ageing assets.

We support the industry providing solutions to improve their competitive advantage reducing production costs, managing operational and financial risk, supplying more efficient capital equipment, delivering training.

Whitecastle Engineering offers specialist engineering services to conventional fuel power plants (coal and gas) including energy audits, performance testing and benchmark, condition monitoring, RAM analysis. We also provide management services during drafting and negotiation of contracts with EPC, third-parties and OEMs.


The Insurance industry is driven by the classification, quantification, and management of Risk. As the risk can be operational, technological, environmental, regulatory, financial, there is a need for technical expertise to help in drafting policies, assessing claims or recommending risk mitigation actions.

Whitecastle Engineering supports the industry leaders developing the technical knowledge needed to compete in the Energy (Power and Oil&Gas) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) insurance marketplace. We have worked with Loss Adjustors, Brokers and Insurance companies with great success and high client satisfaction.

Whitecastle Engineering offering includes Failure Inspection, Audit and Due Diligence Analysis, Technical Risk Assessments, Risk Mitigation Projects, FMEA.