Gas Compression

Gas compression technology plays a very important role in the energy, oil&gas, petrochemical and power industries: from off-shore gas injection operations for oil production enhancement to refrigeration units in the petrochemical plants.

Our expertise includes Centrifugal, reciprocating, screw, geared or axial compressors for a wide range of applications in the Oil&Gas and Petrochemical industries.

We have proven track record of improving system design, reducing project costs and financial risks, and improving operability.

Power Generation

Whitecastle Engineering provides specialist consulting and engineering solutions for the power industry. Our main focus is on the efficiency and performance of plants and machinery through design and operational methods.

The company’s expertise includes plant performance testing, condition monitoring, machinery maintenance strategy, as well as design and simulation.

Services also comprise instrumentation assessment, energy management analysis, energy audits, inspections and integrity assessments.

Gas Pipelines

Pipeline compression is a sub-classification of gas compression technology recognized for its high-efficiency high-volume low-pressure ratio characteristics.

Whether an electric-motor or gas-turbine spark ignition reciprocating gas engine driven units, our engineers can help your company operations or project strategies.

Gas Turbines

From large power generation units to small mechanical drive applications, our experience help us with the selection, troubleshooting, testing, maintenance, monitoring, simulation of the most advanced and versatile machine of the last century.

Our expertise helps our clients reduce project and operational risks by acting as a counterbalance to OEMs or EPC engineers, thus, realising savings in the operation and maintenance of the units.

Steam Turbines

Steam Turbines make possible large scale power generation schemes whether as the prime mover or secondary cycle. They are also an economical selection in industrial/process applications where there is a supply of readily available steam coming from the plant.

We have helped design, install, test, monitor, and improve large and small steam turbine units over decades of experience gained from working with large incumbent OEMs.

Piston Engines

Our experience with piston (reciprocating) engines, whether diesel or spark ignition gas fuelled, comes from working in projects in the marine, oil&gas, process and power generation sectors.

The piston engine technology remains an interesting option for mechanical drivers when dealing with low accessibility and low-skilled maintenance solutions. Piston engines provide easily packaged distributed prime power sources for electrical generation, pumping and compression solutions.

Access to high technology maintenance facilities and to specialist skilled technicians is NOT necessary