People and Values

Our engineers have decades of experience in different roles, industries, and environments. The skills, knowledge, abilities, and values developed through their career is what our clients are looking for. We provide fair, independent, committed and honest engineering solutions and advise that yield tangible results to our clients and their businesses.

Whitecastle engineers have worked in large multinationals, academy and consultancy firms. They can approach a specific problem from different angles: human, technical and commercial. Ultimately, our clients know they are being taken care off by good people, good professionals, good engineers.

Our Team

Whitecastle team is comprised of highly experienced engineers who have worked in various industries and different roles for decades. Their expertise, abilities and …
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Our Values

The ethos of Whitecastle give us a strong conviction to always do the right thing. We have build our reputation on the back of our performances at work and results ….
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